Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Divining Women by Kaye Gibbons

Divining Women is by Kaye Gibbons. A few years back I read Charms for the Easy Life and loved it so much I proceded to read everything Kaye Gibbons had ever written. A Cure for Dreams, Ellen Foster and A Virtuous Women all lived up to my expectations. But the last two books I tried to read by Gibbons did not seem to be as good as the first ones. I bought this book at Borders before the school year ended, and actually started reading it before the school year ended, but didn't get to finish it until summer. It was nice - just nice. Another multi-generational woman's story. She is still a very strong writer, but this one was a little flat. I still put Charms for the Easy Life at the top of the Kaye Gibbons list.

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