Thursday, July 01, 2004

In the River Sweet by Patricia Henley

This novel, by Patricia Henley, is another library book I brought along on vacation. I read it in a motel room in Brevard, N. Carolina while it was pouring rain on the first night that we were supposed to be camping on the trip. And I read it while sitting around the campfire listening to David's bluegrass on our IPod with portable speakers. We camped just outside of Asheville, N. Carolina and enjoyed touring the Carl Sandburg Home and Thomas Wolfe Home, keeping the literary interests alive on the trip. This book is about a mother who had had a baby with a Vietnamese blind boy she had been intimate with when she was young. The child remained in Vietnam with his father and the mother had gone on to marry and have a daughter, without ever telling anyone about her Vietnamese child. The child, now a young man preparing for marriage himself, finally makes contact with his mother, at a time when her own life is coming apart at the seams. Her lesbian daughter is being harrassed and needs her mother, too. I enjoyed the book.

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