Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I couldn't wait to blog about this amazing new novel! The Night Circus is the next big book people are going to be talking about - like Harry Potter and the Twilight series. I had heard the hype, waited for my library copy to come in and read the enraged bloggers talking about how Starbucks got them hooked on the free digital download of the first two thirds of the book. I am happy to say, the hype is merited. The Night Circus transports readers to the most lushly described imaginative landscape that I have visited in years. Only appearing at midnight in an undisclosed European city, The Night Circus is a black and white Victorian spectacle full of illusionists, contortionists and fortune tellers. Protagonists Marco and Celia are raised to compete against each other in a contest only one of them will survive. Their slow building love story is the central focus of the novel, but a whole cast of other performers, revelers and circus orchestrators keep the action - which goes back and forth in time - moving at such a clip that it is hard to put the book down, even though you want the story to last forever. I hate to disclose too much, but this book took me to a new world I didn't want to leave - even though I wanted to finish quickly and start spreading the word. I have to start knitting myself a red scarf, because I am a reveur in "Le Cirque des Reves...The Circus of Dreams"

The Night Circus book trailer

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Italia said...

The Night Circus is a intriguing, inventive foray into a magical world that, deep down, every one of us wishes existed. A very strong debut novel. And a bit of a magical time for Morgenstern - movie rights to The Night Circus have been sold to Summit Entertainment,It will interesting to see what movie magic can do to reproduce The Night Circus.