Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlant

Turn of Mind
There certain books, given the status of my life, that I should not read - and I knew this was one from the start. A crime novel about an osteopathic surgeon with early-onset Alzheimers who may have murdered her best friend and surgically removed four fingers from the corpse is not the best book for a reader who almost daily visits her mother in an Alzheimers facility. But after I tried to convince a shopper at my - then - local Borders that I knew the title of the book he was looking for even though the helpful Border's employee did not, I decided to get it from the library and give it a go. Yes - it disturbed me beyond compare. Yes - it gave creepily accurate descriptions of a residential facility for Alzheimers patients, but it was not a tidy tale. Since the doctor suffering memory loss is the narrator, she is both unreliable and impossible to follow. The mixture of italics and regular typeface that was suppose to distinguish between now and then was confusing, and I think I figured out who committed the crime pretty early on. You probably will too!

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