Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Very Thought of You by Rosie Alison

The Very Thought of You: A Novel
I received an advanced copy of this novel about the time I decided I needed a paperback for the plane trip to Ireland.  I almost never travel with a book I haven't at least read a chapter or two of before departing, in case I want to throw the book into an airport dumpster before the flight departs.  The beginning of this WWII love story intrigued me enough to make the cut.  Anna Sands is a young girl evacuated from London and placed in a make-shift school aI got To Be Sung Under Water from the library after reading so many favorable reviews.  Anna Sands is a young girl evacuated from London to a make-shift school on  the estate of Thomas and Elizabeth Ashton.  Thomas is confined to a wheel-chair, Elizabeth can't get pregnant, Anna is a very observant youth.  Do you see the trajectory of this love story?  I did too and was a little let down - especially since the book was short-listed for the Orange Prize last year in the UK. A little too melodramatic.

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