Monday, July 06, 2009

The Hot House Flower and the 9 Plants of Desire by Margot Berwin

It isn't what you think! I saw an ad for the book in the Times Book Review and read that Julia Roberts is going to star in the movie version. I read a few reviews which sounded promising and ordered it from the library. It is not the steamy, fluffy romance novel that the title suggests. Instead, I would call it the botanical equivalent of Indiana Jones. Protagonist Lila Nova buys a bird-of-paradise from a ruggedly handsome plant man who introduces her to the myth of the Nine Plants of Desire. When she meets Armand, Laundromat owner, who claims to have all nine plants in his back room, the plot takes off. Lila travels to the Yucatan, encounters scorpions and snakes, meets a few more mysterious characters and finally returns to New York in this mysterious, entertaining adventure novel. Beach reading at its best.

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