Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Alice by Lisa Genova

I just finished reading this gem of a novel after months of avoiding it. Since my mother is currently suffering from dementia and speech loss due to strokes, I didn't know whether a book narrated by an early onset Alzheimer's patient would be too close for comfort. Genova draws on her own expertise as a Harvard educated neuroscientist to render an authentic view of the world from inside the mind of one slowly slipping into the darkness of dementia. I did not weep as I supposed I would, but rather appreciated Genova's frank portrait of struggle so many people are dealing with as parents and loved ones live with this disease.

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Mary Kennedy said...

Hi linda,

i really enjoyed this book too, but when you tell people about it they give you a look of disbelief!

on a related note, have you seen the movie 'away from her'? with julie christie. if you did, i'm curious as to what you thought. i have my own opinion.

i like your blog, i pop in from time to time, like to get book ideas.