Wednesday, June 28, 2006

As Simple as Snow by Gregory Calloway

One of my students brought this book over for me to read. It is "young adult" in subject matter, and won a 2006 Alex award for adult literature that appeals to teens. The book is narrated by a high school boy who falls in love with the mysterious new girl in town, Anastasia. She introduces him to Kerouac and Houdini and coded communication. To say anything more would spoil it, but it is the first book in a long while to remind my of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I will be recommending this one to my students next year. Check out the website for the book at


Anonymous said...

i have a HUGE question, i read the book and ABSOLUTELY loved it. i got to the endand wasnt able to decode the ending, i was wondering if you knew what it was. i had tried to go online and use houidni's code to tell what the letters were but the code was exactly the same, any hints?

Linda Lackey said...

I have no idea what the ending means either. I think is a masterful book, though.