Monday, January 24, 2005

Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maarten Troost

This is the book club selection for February for our book club. It is really a travelogue by a guy who went with his girlfriend to live on an atoll in the Pacific without any of the comforts of home. There are pages about the natives using the ocean as a toilet and pages about having nothing to eat but fish. And pages about not having beer. It is quite funny. No real pages about sex lives, though.

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Anonymous said...

I have recently spent 6 months on a project at Christmas Island, one of the atolls of the Republic of Kiribus, to clean up the Cold War legacy left by the United Kingdom in the late 50's. I read "The Sex Lives of Cannibals" after arriving on the island. Had I read this book before coming here I would have thrown the BS flag on about 50% of it. Having been here I can safely say it is ALL true and then some.

A hilarious read about a beautiful but flawed island nation and a wonderful people who are being done a terrible disservice by their government.