Sunday, August 01, 2004

Summer in the Land of Skin by Jody Gehrman

Okay so it is August. And I am reading a smutty sounding Beach Book. Actually I saw an ad for this book in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine's spread about Beach Reading. The cover looked interesting since I live in a house of guitars. Then when I saw the book at Borders last Monday and turned it over to read that the author ". . . has a weakness for fine guitars and the people who play them" I figured it was a good book to throw in my beach bag. Today I began it while laying in the sun at my parents' cottage near Vermilion. It is the story of a young woman whose father was a luthier. She becomes interested in his craft after his sudden death, and begins a journey to find out more about her father, and untimately, herself. So far it is quite good. I am also interested in the publishing company, Red Dress Ink. According to their website, the publish Chick Lit written exclusively by woman. And they are accepting submissions. So if I can just find time to write a novel yet this summer . . .

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