Friday, August 13, 2004

And Then There Were the Audio Books

Before leaving for Virginia in June, we subscribed to As David and I drove to Virginia back in June we listened to T.C. Boyle's Drop City - at least part of it. We couldn't quite figure out how to get the Ipod to go back to the part we had missed, so we listened to the first 12 chapters or so and then got "dropped" into the middle of a chapter 100 pages or so beyond that point. I don't have a real clear feel for the middle of the book, but it is about a group of drugged-out hippies in a commune in California who decide to relocate in Alaska.

My other goal of the summer was to begin running 5 miles. I had previously been running 2 -3 miles each time I ran. I have been running in the Metroparks with my audible book and enjoying doing two things at once. The latest for me is Carl Hiaassen's Skinny Dip. This funny book tells the story of a woman who was pushed off of the deck of a cruise ship by her husband on their anniversary. She is rescued by a retired cop who proceeds to help her spook her husband who, of course, believes she is dead.

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