Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A Sucker for a Borders Deal

Today we went to Borders and I discovered the Summer Reading Getaway shelves full of Buy 3, Bet a 4th Free deal. I was impressed by the selection and, although I was trying to use the library this summer, I spotted (1)The Mammoth Cheese on the shelf. This is a book I ordered from the library at the beginning of the summer, and since it hadn't come in yet, I bought it and had to buy three more books to get my money's worth. Also purchased, (2) My Invented Country by Isabel Allende, because Allende writes with such a lovely prose style that even this memoir will be enjoyable to read some day. (3) Second Glance, by Jodi Picoult whose novel The Pact is a favorite of juniors every year during free choice novel time. (4) A Ship Made of Paper by Scott Spencer because it is National Book Award Finalist and it has a photograph of an unmade bed on the cover. I may very well have bought Good Faith by Jane Smiley at the sale based on the cover photo of a woman in stockings and heels and a man in suit pants shot from the knees down. I'm something of a sucker for cover art. But luckily I was almost halfway through the book - from the library - which was sitting on our coffee table sporting a hardback cover that is much more boring. Like the book. I loved Smiley's A Thousand Acres, but Good Faith is a summer read that I stopped half way through.

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