Sunday, July 25, 2004

Anna Karenina - 0r A Big Book on the Bedside Table all Summer

The truth. I bought Anna Karenina the first week of summer vacation because it is one of those books I have never had to read - so I haven't read it. I know Oprah has resumed her bookclub to turn readers back on to the classics, and I think that is admirable. I wasn't excited about the length of Anna Kerenina, but I began the summer by calculating that if I read 100 pages of it each week, I could still read the pleasure books and not feel like I was spending a huge chunk of my summer with Anna. I have read the first 200 pages - and it sits like a brick on the bedside table. But I already know how it ends. Should I finish?????????

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Margie Rohrbach said...

Hi Linda!
How are you? Hi to David!! So excited to see your "blog" - just wanted to tell you - I Loved Anna Karenina and of course, you should read it. Depressing, but still - she just epitomizes "woman as victim" - of society, of herself.
Haven't read any of the other books on your list - but your suggestions are always good, so I am anxious to try some!